Light it up Run 5k

The new “Light it up Run 5k” in Wayland was a BLAST! This Glow in the dark type race spiced up the typical 5k race and made it fun for the whole family. I think this was my most favorite race yet! I got dressed up in the most ridiculous, bright, and gaudy glow in the darkĀ  costume I could come up with because there was a costume contest I wanted to compete in. I then learned that running in all that stuff was going to be challenging, but I managed to keep my whole get-up on for the entire race. The fiery baton twirlers, professional dancers, and dance party after the race made the event that much for fun.

On another note, I am suffering from plantar fasciitis in one foot. This is driving me absolutely insane because after the Light it up 5k, it aggravated it and my foot was quite sore and swollen. Taking a few weeks off of running to let it heal up as much as possible before my next race.

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Holly Lynema Holly Lynema
Trying to eat healthier, it's a struggle some days because I love food. I am always training for running race whether its a 5k or marathons. I also love to do Beachbody workouts. I just generally like to stay active! I've run countless 5k's and 10k's, half marathons, 25k's, a sprint triathlon, am a member of a 200 mile relay team every year, and have ran 4 full marathons!

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    I am interested in coming out with the shooting gallery if this event is going to happen for 2015. I am local and a wayland graduate the shooting gallery is all black lights and leds and lasers and the prizes I have are all led related and would be a perfect match for this event.

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