Is this ‘one of those years’ or age? Or both?

I’ve been in physical therapy, once a week, since January.

It started with my right hip – I had to strengthen my hip and revamp my running form.  Worked for a few months, and ran Riverbank last Saturday with no problem.  Check!

A few years back I injured my shoulder somehow.  So, we move on to that.  And, it just feels like the problem has cascaded all across my upper back.  I mean, it’s a few year old problem that I’m just addressing now, so I guess it isn’t exactly something that came on this year, but now I feel like my upper back and both shoulders are both all… we’ll say in a state of transition.

THEN.. this week I start having pain on the outside of my arm, just above and below my elbow.  Feels like tendinitis.  What’s that from?  Absolutely NO idea.

I’m really trying to get my body healthy, and have had SO many injury/pain free years before this train wreck of a year, but now it just seems like I’m constantly getting nicked up.

And I wonder if this is how it’s going to be from here out… or if it’s just a bad stretch.

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I'm 47 years old going on 35, I live in Walker, I have a beautiful wife, Betsey, who is also a Champion (she actually got me involved in this), two kids, and three step-kids.

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