Sometimes it’s not about the miles

I enjoyed participating in PH Run Camp this winter and spring. The comradery and support of progressing into longer miles beats the long solo runs any day of the week. I successfully completed my goal of the Gazelle Girl Half, but was not sure I wanted to do the 25K. I was leaning toward the 10K when a friend asked me to join her in the community 5K walk. Pay to walk 3 miles. But you know, walking those miles with an old friend was just the kind of exercise my brain and heart needed this last week. It was much more beneficial than the medal or the bragging rights. Sometimes dialing it back a bit feels better than ramping it up.

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Kelli Thompson Kelli Thompson
I am a transplant to Michigan but and have really grown to love this area. I have no family in the state but have made many wonderful friends who are my Michigan family.

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