My Cheat Meal

First of all, let me preface this by stating that I am by no means a disciplined eater. While I have gained some knowledge and eat better than in the past, I still have more to learn and follow. That said, PIZZA!!!

I love pizza, deep pan pizza with extra sauce, pepperoni, green olives and onion. Then, I add some Seatrain’s Creole seasoning on top, to make it even worse for me with the additional salt. I could eat it a couple times a week but based on how puffy my eyes are after eating it, I usually only indulge once a month or so. I am thankful my sodium levels are fine when tested for my annual physicals but really feel indulgent when I eat pizza. Hmm, maybe I will have some for dinner….

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Hi! I have lived in Jackson MI for about 19 years. I like to swim, bike and run.

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