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I love to run, but also love other things.  I enjoy a good hike, or climbing sand dunes, biking and walking.   I have felt guilty that I haven’t ran very many runs due to other activities.  I just have to remember an active lifestyle is a healthy one.  So a lot of times we stress, active lifestyles as running, but it is more than that being active outside, or enjoying activity with others, and does not have to be running or swimming or biking but can be a nice walk, playing a sport, or jump roping or just getting outside and moving.   I am glad my little girls remind me!

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Jessica Nobert Jessica Nobert
I moved around a lot as a kid. At age 12 years old, I moved to Cedar Springs, Mi. I went to college at Ferris State University and that is where I met my husband. I now live in Walker, MI. I enjoy sports, and being active. I have always been a runner, but not always been a distance runner. I ran my first distance race in 2012 Riverbank run and have been running every since. I am busy mom who makes time to work out and enjoy running and spending quality time with the family.

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  1. Lisa Lisa
    Posted July 17, 2017 at 8:13 pm | Permalink

    Definitely a good reminder that being active can be in the form of many different things, especially when kids are involved!

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