Is this when I say stuff like, “Oh man. There have been so many great people, etc, etc, etc.”?

The truth is that I’ve always had fun being active – admittedly less these days :( – and not needed others to push me to do it. What I always struggled with was eating right! I grew up a “real Dutch boy” – meat, potatoes, and green beans and whatnot. While delicious, typically not what we’d call healthy eating. The person who got me off the literal gravy train was my wife. We’d been married just about 6 years when we had our first child. Just prior to her pregnancy, she got serious about her eating and lost 35 pounds – very impressive. During the pregnancy, she gained that back and then some. While I would have likely leaned on the crutch of having just had a child, she got right back into her healthy eating habits. Because I was/am a supportive husband, I did it too… for her, definitely not for me. She lost the baby weight and a bit more. I lost nearly 20 pounds too!

She continues to be a constant influence to eat right for myself and our kids (now there’s two!).

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