Running a Full Marathon 18 years ago

Over the years I have had primarily just a handful of running partners, but one was definitely more instrumental in my health journey.  I think of Robin because together we tackled a pretty big goal – running a full marathon 18 years ago.  In 1999 I had just moved back up to Michigan from Tennessee.  Through my boyfriend, I met Robin who enjoyed running, but hadn’t ever run a marathon.  I enjoyed running too and thought running a marathon should be on my bucket list.  One day we committed to doing it together and about 8 months later we ran the Chicago marathon in October 1999.  I can’t say we trained as well as we should have but nonetheless we both completed it.  To this day this has still been my biggest running goal and because of Robin and I committing to running this distance, I have continued to run.  I run half marathons now and look forward to running another marathon in 2019 so I can say to Robin “20 years later I ran a full marathon again!”  My hope is to return to Chicago to do it again.  Robin has since moved to the East coast and we have lost contact other than on Facebook.  I know I will think of her fondly in October 2019 and I know she will comment on my Facebook post for this accomplishment.

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Lisa Lisa
I'm 43, from Kalamazoo, wife and mother of two kids (ages 9 and 7). I enjoy running and biking. Each year I try to at least run one half marathon in the spring and one in the fall. As a family we enjoy traveling, going to the beach, biking, playing with our puppy, and just being outside.

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