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I’m sure I can get some opinions from my fellow champions out there…

I am possibly interested in getting a wearable activity tracker and was wondering about opinions. I am mostly a runner but also do group fitness and weightlifting. I do not know much about the market and looking forward to hearing recommendations!

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Liz Liz
I grew up on the east side of Michigan and moved to Grand Rapids to go to GVSU. I loved the area, stayed here after graduation and have established myself as a PA with Spectrum Health. I am married to my amazing husband who is a teacher and wrestling coach and we have been blessed with a little boy to help keep us busy.

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    i considered activity trackers, but found a good old fashioned calendar works as well for just raising awarenesss of when you are falling into a slump. I write all activity on my calendar each day and if I start to feel sluggish or lazy I review recent ACTIVITY AND MAKE CHANGES ACCORDINGLY.It is also a great motivator because I try to beat my mileage each month or at least stay the same.

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