Some people experience health scares and refuse to change while others see the situation as a wakeup call and decide to do something about it. I am the latter. Two years ago, after an illness triggered a dramatic loss of weight, I promised myself that I would become active to improve my health and to keep the weight off. So far, so good! This year I ran my first marathon, won my first local race (5K) and logged over 800 miles (to date).  I’d be lying if I said it was easy (modifying eating habits is hard) and smooth sailing (I’m presently recovering from a foot injury), but I’m not giving up any time soon. Why? Because I never want to look in the mirror and see that guy on the left again!

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thomasallen63 thomasallen63
I am an artist and an award-winning illustrator. I live on a 4.5 acre farm in SW Michigan where I run. I enjoy beekeeping, maple sugaring and soap making. I ran my first half marathon in 2016 (two of them to be exact).


  1. Posted September 14, 2017 at 10:50 am | Permalink

    Great job taking the medical scare as a wake up call and making hard changes. I know too that is it difficult. I weigh 30 pounds less now than on the day I was married nearly 14 years ago and I feel so much better. You are right it isnt easy, but it is well worth the work!keep it up!

  2. Angie Scarlato Angie Scarlato
    Posted October 11, 2017 at 9:40 pm | Permalink

    Nice job! You are an inspiration!

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