It’s hard for me to believe, but my last blog was around two months ago.  I had been doing well with keeping up with things, but then life changed…

The school I had been teaching in the past two years closed, so I was in the Summer Of Anxiety as it was when the school that I NOW work at called for the first interview.  So, yes, I got the job!  And, it’s a GREAT job!  BUT… starting a new teaching job isn’t very easy.  You have to learn the school, the staff, the curriculum expectations, and then all the students.  I followed a very popular teacher who had been at the school since it first began, nine years ago.

Not easy!

But, it has been a great experience, and my life is in a FAR better place.  In the midst of all of this I’ve been training for the GR Marathon, with the vital assistance of the Gazelle/Priority Health Run Camp, which I HIGHLY recommend!  This is my first and last marathon – just scratching something off the list.  I’ve heard the whole “you’ll love it and want to do another!” thing, but I can assure you this is it.  I bought some trail shoes at the Gazelle summer sidewalk sale, and intend on returning to my bike and running trails more.  More adventure.  I MIGHT consider doing an Olympic or Half Triathlon next year… we’ll see.  What I found with the marathon thing is that this is the first event preparation that I’ve EVER done where I’ve felt like I’ve aged during.  Usually I feel younger, stronger, fresher, but this has just been NOT the right fit for me.  I’ll happily run the marathon (relatively speaking) then call it good.  I’ll be glad I did it (I have no regrets) and I’ll be glad to be done.

So, I wrote my last blog two months ago, got a new job and all that goes with it (the assistant principal in the school very accurately referred to it as “drinking from a fire hose for a while”), started school, ran my twenty mile training run three weeks ago, got very sick for a week and a half after (including antibiotics), started getting my legs back under me during the heat wave, and here I am, finally blogging again.  A lot of change, a lot of challenge… and after my 7.5 mile run this morning I’m heading out for a Boy Scout hike/campout with my son.

And all of THAT is why I haven’t been blogging!  Makes me tired just rereading it.

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Themusicteach Themusicteach
I'm 47 years old going on 35, I live in Walker, I have a beautiful wife, Betsey, who is also a Champion (she actually got me involved in this), two kids, and three step-kids.


  1. Liz Liz
    Posted October 9, 2017 at 9:22 pm | Permalink

    I’m transferring medical practice locations in a few weeks and hoping it allows more time for my exercise. It is much closer to home. Great job in keeping motivated with your training in the midst of your chaos and good luck in your first (“last”) marathon next weekend! :)

  2. Angie Scarlato Angie Scarlato
    Posted October 11, 2017 at 9:34 pm | Permalink

    Life is constantly changing, it’s how we adjust that either makes us or breaks us. Good work getting back at it and juggling all the crazy that life throws our way!

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