New distances in 2017

The new racing distances I did in 2017 provided me with an exciting change of pace (both literally and figuratively).For the last 8 years or so, following a rough marathon experience, I have primarily focused on the 5k . I love racing the distance. It has both the intensity of a short race and the strategy of a long race. And there are so many good ones in West Michigan. However, the past several years it seemed my 5k performances had hit a plateau. So, I decided to test myself at other distances this year. I went shorter, with a mile race, and longer, with a 10 mile race. They were both great experiences and forced me to work on different areas of my fitness and approach to training. Since it had been a long time since I had raced those distances, they provided a fresh start in which I wasn’t getting bogged down in comparing performances from the prior month or the prior year.

I plan on doing different distances again in 2018 and would encourage anyone who feels plateaued at a certain distance to try and give another distance a try!

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Nathan Fujioka Nathan Fujioka
My name is Nathan. I'm a 32 year old runner. I have a twin brother who is my training partner and also a Champion. I've been a competitive runner for over half my life now. 5ks are my favorite race distance, but I train more like a marathoner, since I love the mileage. My life is a constant cycle of work, run, eat, sleep, repeat. And I love it!

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