So, last post, I thought I’d be good to go. But wait..

Being diagnosed with chronic fatigue and anemia means I have to wait for a doctor’s permission.

I understand… I don’t want to end up injured and crying again on race day. Because honestly, how I felt at the Tri Del Sol Olympic Duathlon was pretty awful. I wanted to do so many things, only to find I was human.

But at least… with a doctor’s permission, I can get going again. Right now, I have been doing yoga and Pilates. There is nothing wrong with yoga and Pilates, and I have had to stop the “reduced to” talk. Between Beachbody’s PiYo and Turbo Fire, I’ve been able to work out without feeling hungry all the time.

In fact, there’s some things I don’t miss about running:

Feeling hungry

Sore ankles

Being tired all the time. Bouncing from one endurance race to the next meant no time for rest.

All my money being tied up in race fees. $40 for a 10K is a lot better than $120 for a marathon. Plus with 10Ks, I don’t have to travel, costing even more.

Lack of sleep

And a few other things.

So we’ll see what the doctor says. If she says yes, I’ll go. If not… oh well.

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I am 35 years old, from Muskegon, MI, I live with my dad... and I have 4 cats. Other than that, I'm a runner, baker, foodie, and I love dining out.

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