Where did those muscles come from?

Heading into the winter months and Riverbank training, we’re going to be faced with either sucking it up and running in the snow and ice, or hitting that treadmill.  Well this weekend I decided to strap on the YakTrax and get moving outside…and I guess we did, because I’m feeling muscles I forgot were there :)   It’s a good burn though, isn’t it?  Here’s some of my helpful tips that I thought I’d share for winter success.

– Wear some trail shoes, or like I did, YakTrax.  They really help to give you that added stability you’re going to need in case you run into some ice, or really packed snow.  If you can, choose fresh snow over the packed snow or ice, because that will also give you some better traction.

– Shorten your stride and slow down the pace.  I know that we definitely slowed down the pace, going from an 8:47 on a dry day to 9:16 in the snow.  And that’s ok, because you’re still going to have a tough run, using a lot more energy while challenging your balance and strength.  I don’t think I did a good job of shortening my stride, however, because I’m feeling a little bit of muscle strain.  Running in the snow requires the use of your stabilizing muscles of the inner/outer legs….they now have to work twice as hard.  Ease into it and alternate with a run on the treadmill until your body adapts.

– Stretch, stretch, and stretch some more…which, if I’m honest, I’m horrible at!  Flexibility will be key towards good winter runs.

– Dress in layers and most importantly, have fun!  With your added focus keeping yourself upright, you’ll be more in-tuned to the scenery around you.  Breathe in that fresh, crisp air and enjoy every minute of it!



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deanal deanal
I grew up, and currently live, with my husband and two boys in Hudsonville. I graduated from GVSU with a degree in exercise science in 2003, but found myself back in college, achieving my second bachelors in nursing in 2013. I'm now a nurse at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, and can't imagine myself anywhere else! My love is my family, of course first, and then running!

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  1. Marie Pienton Marie Pienton
    Posted December 13, 2017 at 5:22 pm | Permalink

    I went skiing and snowshoeing this weekend and also feel muscles I don’t normally use running!

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