Elyse Mathos
Elyse Mathos
What inspires you to reach your goals?Self-improvement, the amazing people around me, and cool gear!
How would you motivate someone who wants to start to improve their health?We are often so much stronger than we think – I know this first hand. Improving your own health and making lifestyle changes isn’t always easy or fun, but it’s important to remember that once healthy choices become a habit, you are always one day healthier and stronger than the last!
What is your personal motto when it comes to being fit?Work hard, play hard – always find activities that make exercising fun!
Tell us something you have learned about nutrition.“Eat closer to the ground” – try to eat more whole, real foods and eat them as close to their original state as possible. Oh, and balance! I really like Cheetos sometimes and those don’t come from the ground (unfortunately).
What sports or activities do you participate in?Triathlons, running, cycling, boxing - and I'm always up to try something new!
Why did you get involved with this activity?I started getting involved with triathlons because I love to swim, and I had just bought a road bike. I thought; why not give this triathlon thing a shot? I competed in my first tri in 2014 and have been hooked ever since. It’s a great community of people, and I enjoy training in all three areas.

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