Veronica Constantine
Veronica Constantine I am a vibrant energetic individual who has a real passion for health and fitness. Emergency brain surgery in 2007 changed my outlook on life and catapulted my commitment to fitness to a new level!
Tell us a little about yourself.I am a wife, mother of three beautiful children, an avid runner, a part-time writer and an all around active woman who embraces life with energy and compassion.
What inspires you to reach your goals?My family, friends, my medical history struggles and life journey.
How would you motivate someone who wants to start to improve their health?I set a good example and I share my story with them. I was unable to walk more than a few hundred yards after my surgery and now I have completed two marathons, the 5th 3rd run several times, and countless half marathons and other races. I have come a long way and others can do it too! Baby steps and slow gradual progress is key to long term success with health and fitness!
What is your personal motto when it comes to being fit?Just Finish! I don't sweat the finish time so much as the experience it takes to get to that finish line! I will stop along the way to encourage others who are struggling too because I want everyone to get to the finish line!
Tell us something you have learned about nutrition.Moderation is key. I eat mostly healthy and indulge occasionally and it works great for me! I love the freedom that running allows me in other areas of my life!
What sports or activities do you participate in?Running, biking, hiking, triathlons and soccer, football, volleyball and other sports with my kids.
Why did you get involved with this activity?To take control of my life and find confidence and inspiration that had been lost through life's challenges.

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Boston Bound

So last year I turned the big 4-0 and I created a tradition of signing up for a cool race on my birthday! 

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Better late than never

So I ran an epic race and forgot to blog about it until now.  I know… “SHAME ON ME!”

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Camp Sunshine 5k

Another successful 5k in the books for this champion!  It was a scorching hot one too! Let me tell you all about it…

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Two race month!!

I haven’t raced much this year. I’ve focused all my energy on training I guess!  But in June I am hitting two races and I am really excited about both because they are both NEW RACES for me!

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It’s not cheating, it’s carbonara!

My absolute favorite meal hands down is carbonara and while it feels like cheating to eat it because it includes bacon, butter, cream and ham, I prefer to think of it as an important part of a well balanced diet.

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Early Birds!?

You know what they say about early birds!?  Yes, us early birds, we do get the worms!  And I’ve been having a lot of worms recently. 

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Long Run Return

The Frostbite Marathon Relay in January was a real motivator for me to return to the world of long training runs.  It was just the kick in the butt that I needed!

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The Nation’s Capitol

Last weekend I represented Priority Health in Washington D.C at a Park Run at Fletcher’s Cove!  It was quite an adventure…

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A Champion in Washington D.C.

This past weekend I flew out to Washington D.C. to visit my older sister, her husband and their two new darling kittens (Rose and Tulip)!  It was a whirlwind weekend of fun, fitness and family! And of course I found several opportunities to wear my Priority Health Champion shirts!

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Kirby’s Angels

Kirby’s Angels was a name born out of necessity for a fifth runner on my unnamed 2017 Frostbite Marathon Relay (FMR) Team.

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