Blogging Tips

Here is a quick reminder on how to blog and some tips on some important things to remember:

1. Login to the website by clicking on the “Log in” link located below the PH logo in the upper right hand corner.

2. Enter your username and password and click “Enter”.

3. After logging in, click “Posts” and then “Add New”.


5. Now you write your blog! Enter in a catchy title of your choosing and the content of your post.

6. Want to add a photo to your post? Click on the “Add Media” button above the word editor bar.


7. Next, click on “Upload Files” and then hit the button that says “Select Files”.


8. Now navigate to the photo(s) you would like to add.

9. Right after you upload the photo, you’ll see a thumbnail of your photo and details for it to the left. Please be sure to look where it says “Attachment Display Settings” and choose medium for the photo size.  This will ensure your photo isn’t too large. When uploading, please be sure your photos are no larger than 500 pixels wide.


10. Once satisfied with the size of your photo, click “Insert into post”.

11. Now your photo will be sitting in your post. Automatically, the photo you insert will not be aligned with the text of your content. If you would like to change that, simply click the photo and you’ll see a menu pop up directly above it. If you would like to align the photo to the left of your text, choose the button that says “Align Left” like in the example below. You also have the option to align your photo in the center, to the right, or not at all.


12. Want to change more details for your photo? Click your photo again and the same menu from step 11 will pop up. Instead of choosing an alignment option, you’ll click on the tiny pencil. That will open up a dialog box with your image details.


13. Once you’re ready to publish your blog, there are two more steps you need to take. The first is, making sure you add your blog to the “Champion Blogs” category. You’ll do that by clicking on “Champion Blogs” under “Categories” on the right side-bar.



14. The last step you’ll need to take is to create a “teaser” for your blog. Place your cursor after the first couple of sentences of your post and then click the “Insert Read More Tag” button.



15. Adding the “Insert Read More Tag” will ensure just the first couple of sentences of your post shows up on the homepage of instead of the whole post. When you click the button, you’ll notice a grey bar that says “More” be inserted into your post.


16. Finally satisfied with your post? Click “Publish”!

Looking for ideas to blog about? We have a few ideas!

  • Nutrition
  • Your seasonal training (ie how you train in different weather)
  • Who you train with
  • How do you stay motivated
  • What inspired you to become a champion
  • Does your family work out with you?
  • How do you balance work/life/workout balance
  • What is your favorite workout equipment and why
  • What is a great, new piece of workout clothing you recommend?
  • What are your favorite events to participate in?
  • Event recap
  • Your workout regime
  • A particular training schedule you’re following or creating