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One of the rewards of being a team member is that you can earn points based on your participation. The more active you are either by volunteering, blogging or racing, the more points you earn. All of these points are redeemable for gear and prizes! NOTE: All new champions will receive a free t-shirt. Returning champions who achieved 5,000 or more points in the prior year, will receive a free t-shirt as well.

Activity Reward Points
Participating in a PH-sponsored organized event wearing PH gear (Must post a pic on FB wearing PH gear) 1,000
Participating in a non PH sponsored organized athletic event wearing PH gear (Must post a pic on FB wearing PH gear) 750
Volunteering at a PH sponsored event (Must post a pic on FB wearing PH gear) 1,000
Volunteering at a non PH sponsored event (Must post a pic on FB wearing PH gear) 750
Referring a Champion 500
Attending a Champion speaker event/workshop 1000
Posting a photo in PH gear on FB 250
Participating in an organized athletic event that is out of state while wearing PH gear (Must post a pic on FB or Instagram wearing PH gear) 200
Blog post 100 per post
Posting a photo of yourself in PH gear to Instagram (must tag TeamPriorityHealth) 100
All kid’s activities 250
Comment on other team members’ blogs 50
Create a blog post using quarterly assignments (given out on Team Facebook page) 400
Participating in a media activity requested by Priority Health 2000

*Point value is $1 per 100 points. IE 1,000 points is worth $10 value

PHRC_BridgeEvent definition
What is the definition of an organized sporting event? It’s an event that has a registration process, an entry fee, and is open to the public (IE 5K, triathlon, biking event, etc.) Events that would NOT qualify: Spin class, a group of friends getting together to run, high school sports etc.

As noted above, PH sponsored events are worth more reward points. PH sponsored events have asterisks by them on the event calendar. They are also added to the Team Priority Health Facebook event calendar and noted here. The list of PH sponsored events will continue to be updated throughout the year.

Have an event you would like to add to the calendar? Just email Angie at: angiebarnes11@yahoo.com

Tracking points
Points are tracked by YOU on the honor system. To help you keep track of your points, we’ve created a tracking spreadsheet for you to use. Download here.

Point redemption
Points can be redeemed for any item on the Priority Health eStore. If you would to redeem your points, submit how/when you earned your points and your point total to Ann Vidro to receive a discount code to use during checkout. Points may be redeemed in increments of 500.

Grand Prize
Once 10,000 points is achieved, you will be entered into a drawing for a weekend getaway to a destination in Northern Michigan.