• Bryan Crouch
    Race Reports: A race victory and a marathon finish
    By Bryan Crouch, May 23, 2017

    Child Advocacy of Gratiot County Superhero 5K, May 13, 2017

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    Andrea Johnson Zufelt
    Why Volunteering at Races is SOOO REWARDING!
    By Andrea Johnson Zufelt, May 23, 2017

    So many of us run our race. And there are many of us (SHOUT OUT TO MY PH RUN GROUP PEEPS!!!) that have the opportunity to see more people cross the finish after us (I am not one of those people, but I am at the party in the back).

    But volunteering can not only provide what we do not see in the “start crowd”, but also along the routes. And it is different than spectating. Whether it is offering water, Gatorade, GU, pickles, or holding your arm out to tell the runners which way to go…..it is a great experience.

    So if you have never volunteered at a race, give it a shot. And ALWAYS REMEMBER to thank those that are volunteering during your run!

    Kids Champion Questions
    By Themusicteach, May 22, 2017

    I emailed Ann some of these questions, but I thought I might ask if anyone here has any thoughts.. Read more

    How about a little nod?
    By Themusicteach, May 22, 2017

    One of the things about bicycling that I’ve always enjoyed is the “unspoken fraternity” on the roads/trails. Read more

    Bob Cowles
    Coming Out of the Closet: As it relates to Endurance…
    By Bob Cowles, May 21, 2017

    What I am about to tell you, I have known for 15 years. It’s not easy keeping it a secret to most everyone for that long. I feel I can trust you with this.

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    Kelli Thompson
    Indulgence Mmmmmmmeal
    By Kelli Thompson, May 20, 2017

    Favorite cheat meal and how I make it? It has to be loaded nachos and I prefer not to make it. I don’t order this too often, and I usually get it as a dish to share. I am not too picky about what’s on it–jalapenos, beef or chicken, black olives, tomatoes, pico de gallo or salsa, cheese and/or sour cream, and salty, salty chips. Although I have had it using a base of waffle fries and found that to be acceptable, too :)

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