• thomasallen63
    By thomasallen63, December 9, 2016


    I ran the Allegan Ugly Sweater 5K on December 3rd. While most of the runners chose to wear new, ‘ugly’ fashions, I went with a repurposed sweater that I found at the Salvation Army store in Holland last month. Total cost: $1.54. Since I’m an artist, I couldn’t stop there, so I added LED lights and used Sharpie markers to alter the appearance of the appliques! My efforts were rewarded with a first place finish in my age division—complete with hand-made sweater medal!


    Dave Andrews
    Getting Older & Slowing Down – Not!
    By Dave Andrews, December 6, 2016


    When my son was ten we signed him up for youth hockey. The coach saw me sitting in the bleachers at each practice and asked me to join him out on the ice. I told him I couldn’t skate but he said all I had to do was stand there and keep an eye on things. That was 19 years ago and now I play on the local G-league for players 50 and over. They actually let me start playing with them when I was 46, but I had to play goalie for the first four years before they let me skate out.

    We don’t keep score and we don’t have referees. We all wear reversible green and white jerseys and we switch goalies half way through each game. If the teams seem lopsided the captains adjust accordingly. It is very low impact and kind on the knees, unlike some sports. We have one player who has two new hips and two new knees. Joint repair or replacement is a common theme and much of our locker room talk centers around spinal adjustments or upcoming orthopaedic procedures.

    It is no-check hockey with no slap shots – but that doesn’t mean no contact. Full gear is required and skaters come in all sizes and abilities. Hence the possibility of occasional contact. They key to a successful exercise program is finding something you enjoy – something that you actually want to do. That’s what keeps us moving in g-league. There is plenty of opportunity for interval and aerobic training. Think of it – 10 men on skates chasing a frozen piece of rubber around the ice. All you need is a bent and curved stick to make it real interesting.

    Randy MacGeorge
    Let It Snow….
    By Randy MacGeorge, December 4, 2016

    I used to hang up my running shoes in November and not go out again until March.  Once I started running year-round. I discovered what a great way it is to enjoy the winter scenery, and how it helps me acclimatize to the colder temperatures.  This afternoon I was blessed to enjoy a great trail run out at Robinette’s with the Dirty Herd. Read more

    Run Camp!!
    By RMSheehan, November 30, 2016

    I’ve logged 400+ miles in the last 365 days thanks to Priority Health Run Camp & Gazelle Sports!  Now the countdown to winter run camp begins!



    Aliya Armstrong
    GRPS Turkey Trot
    By Aliya Armstrong, November 30, 2016

    Well, I was late. Better Late than Never right!!!? The GRPS Turkey Trot is a great way to move your feet before you eat. I think it is an absolutely great way to start the Holiday off. Way to guilt me into that extra slice of cheesecake, huh?

    Jessica Nobert
    Fitness around the holidays
    By Jessica Nobert, November 30, 2016

    I find that staying on track around the holidays can be tough. Read more

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