• Veronica Constantine
    Night Run
    By Veronica Constantine, June 28, 2016

    Well things didn’t end up quite as I had planned, but I did manage to make it out for a 5K Saturday night…Just not an organized and legit event: there were no t-shirts, volunteers, medals or bananas,but we did actually run 5 kilometers. Read more

    Megan Bennett
    Focus Raven
    By Megan Bennett, June 27, 2016

    I had the opportunity to try out the Focus Raven Max Pro this weekend out at Luton – what a bike!! Read more

    Megan Bennett
    Holland 100
    By Megan Bennett, June 27, 2016

    I have just signed up for my first Holland 100 (the metric 100)!  I have only been riding for about a year and most of my miles are from mountain biking. Read more

    Jessica Nobert
    Nutrition advice
    By Jessica Nobert, June 26, 2016


    I have always been one concerned about being healthy.  I think I really need to start watching what I eat.   I need some type of plan to do so.  I want to go with a personal trainer, but too much money with two active kids and our activities.   If anyone has any simple plans for me to try to follow.   I will tell you my flaws.  I get stressed out an grab junk like pops and chips and candy.     I don’t do all the time, but tend to do a lot more when on third shift.      Stress is part of life, but junk food should not be.


    Tell me what you are doing for your nutrition and what works and what doesn’t.  I am all ears.

    First year competitor
    By DogGuy269, June 25, 2016

    I ran track and played football in high school. I primarily focused on the 1600 but occasionally ran the 3200 as well. Being competitive in high school was relative. There were kids on my team like Dathan Ritzenhein and others. I was never “that good”, so I primarily was competitive against my self, even setting a PR in every single 1600 race during my sophomore year (don’t ask me how I remember that ).

    Lets face it, high school is nothing but competition. Being competitive is the name of the game to survive a mini college campus like Rockford High. But post high school, I met my wife, settled down with a home, three kids, and several pets. Competition all but left my life as my focus became being a dad and husband. Now that the kids are getting old enough to fend for themselves, I decided I should take up biking again.

    I began the year ho hum, but in talking to a couple of my K-9 training partners from GRPD and Kent County, I was challenged to try my hand at a triathlon. I began my training and started a new diet. Finding time has been difficult, finding a place to swim was worse (at first). I signed up for the Tri Greenville and set two goals. Since I only did one swim before the race, my first goal was not to drown. Goal 1: Check. My second goal was to finish in 1:35:00. My time was 1:30:00, goal 2: Check.

    That was a lot of fun, and a great morning. I felt really accomplished. Since I actively began training, I have dropped 25 pounds, dropped my mile pace (over a 5k) by 3 minutes, and can now swim a full mile without stopping. The competitive edge in me has only started to come back out. Between high school and this year, I ran in two races. The Riverbank run in 2005 and the K9K (3k) last year. This year, I ran the Tri Greenville and the K9K (9k) as well as signing up for the Festival of Races Half Marathon (TC in 2 weeks) and the Michigan Titanium Olympic Triathlon. I have already doubled my entire life’s races in one season.

    This may be my first true year competing in races, but definitely won’t be the last. Next years goals are a full marathon and a half iron. And eventually hopefully I can get back into the aerobic shape I prefer, and I can actually become competitive against other competitors as well as myself. Mind over body. Bring on the challenges.

    Bob Cowles
    Ultra-Marathon Training
    By Bob Cowles, June 23, 2016

    I am on week 12 of ultra-marathon training, so here’s an update.

    Read more

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