• Veronica Constantine
    GLR is the place to be
    By Veronica Constantine, May 5, 2016

    My favorite event (so far) is the Great Lakes Relay (GLR).   Read more

    Walk to Cure Arthritis
    By MrsTufts, May 5, 2016

    The Walk to Cure Arthritis happens this Saturday morning at John Ball Park Zoo! Consider taking part in this awesome event to help raise awareness of the struggles many people have due to various types of arthritis. Hope the rain holds off too :) Read more

    Leg Cramp. Foot Cramp. Everywhere a cramp, cramp.
    By Deonia, May 4, 2016

    In my last two races, I have been burdened w/really bad calf and foot cramps.  I was told, “Not enough water”.  I make sure that I have plenty water intake, like a gallon a day, greens:  kale, lettuce, spinach in my protein shakes, calcium/magnesium vitamins, bananas, etc.  This past race, I even took along mustard packets, as I heard that helped.  Well, for me, it didn’t.  I’m willing to try pickle juice, but my greatest concern is what am I doing wrong?  Whether you are a physical therapist or dietician, would someone please chime in w/some solid feedback and advise?  Thanks.

    M. Ted Droski
    The power of training and competing
    By M. Ted Droski, May 4, 2016

    Since my accident, I have had two serious infections and setbacks.  At this point, 9 months post accident, I really should be back to walking again.  Things have been pretty dark for me since the last infection and hospitalization on Valentine’s Day. I really had lost hope that I would walk again or that anything in my life would ever be easy ever again.  Then, the Mary Free Bed Handcycling Team loaned my a handcycle. Read more

    Veronica Constantine
    “Back” at it again
    By Veronica Constantine, May 4, 2016

    I have really been committed to staying active for a very long time.  Yes, for the past six plus years I have worked out in some way shape or form at least 3 times per week and many times 5 or 6 times in a week.   Read more

    Favorite Race/Event
    By colvinm, May 3, 2016

    A fairly simple question, with a less than simple answer. I have primarily eschewed road races for what I deemed more “fun” obstacle type races. It started with the first year I did Warrior Dash at Copper Mountain Ski Resort in Colorado in 2010. The race, which is quite a large event now, was being put on for the first time and there was no problem getting in to a favorable wave time. I chose a later afternoon time and there were maybe only 20 people running with me at the time and I hardly had to deal with congestion on the course once we started. Compare that to now when there are a couple hundred people in a single wave. It was the first race I’d ever done that when I finished I thought, “That was great! I can’t believe it’s already done!” Read more

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