Make it fun!

My wife, Betsey, likes to find adventures for us.  That’s not new, but over the years, as our mutual physical activity has increased, it has spilled into our adventures.  

It now seems odd if we’re off doing something without a fitness component to it.

KIMG0184Here is a picture of us from today.  Not sure why there’s no way to upload it except sideways, but oh well!

Betsey bought is two tickets to the GR Coffee Crawl, where we go to thirteen coffee houses between today and tomorrow for samples.  It is a benefit for Heartside Gleaning Initiative.

So, today we embarked on our bikes and did the first four!

There are so many adventures in this area, so many opportunities to blend fun and fitness together.  It can be tiresome to just train train train, and it’s so important to celebrate what we do.  So, if it’s an organized event like the coffee crawl, or a make-it-up-yourself event (bicycle museum tour, anyone?), don’t forget to get out there and.. make it fun!


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I'm 47 years old going on 35, I live in Walker, I have a beautiful wife, Betsey, who is also a Champion (she actually got me involved in this), two kids, and three step-kids.

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