Grand Rapids Marathon

I’ve done it.  Given up any remaining sanity, I am signed up to run the Grand Rapids Marathon.

This feels a bit like one of those “that escalated quickly” moments, as a year and a half ago I had never done more than five miles in a single run.  But, last year my wife, Betsey, challenged me to run the Riverbank Run, and I worked up to it and ran it.  And, I just ran it again last week.  And, I have Bayshore next weekend.

SO, in a sense, this isn’t THAT huge of a jump (okay, I know it really is…).  I’ve been doing longer distances on my bike for a dozen years, and now have a year of longer running under my belt.  But, it’s a marathon… I’ve signed up to run a marathon…….

First things first, get through Bayshore.  Then, join Gazelle’s summer run camp (Betsey insisted, if I was going to run the marathon).  Then, start setting up some goals and benchmarks… and away I go.

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I'm 47 years old going on 35, I live in Walker, I have a beautiful wife, Betsey, who is also a Champion (she actually got me involved in this), two kids, and three step-kids.

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