Activity Trackers and Smart Watches

On December 25th 2015 I received the greatest Christmas gift ever, my Pebble Time Smart Watch.

I had originally picked this watch because I could read it in direct sunlight, it was water proof (not water/splash resistant), and the battery lasted 4-5 days.

I drastically underestimated the emotional attachment I would develop to my Pebble Time and I don’t think I realized how much I loved it until I forced myself to upgrade.

On December 7th 2016, a day that will forever be a sad day in my life, Pebble announced their acquisition by FitBit. I was devastated, but Pebble kept their cloud up and running so for several months all the features I wanted still worked. Then,¬†on June 26th 2017 Strava did the most evil thing I could possibly ever do; it ended it’s support for pebble products. The loss of this one app was a deal breaker for me, so it was time to upgrade.

After some research and recommendations, I picked the Garmin Vivioactive. It had all the original features I had looked for in my pebble time, plus heart rate monitoring, all the Garmin data, and SO MANY activity modes. I was so pumped to go golfing, and biking, and start swimming again, and as an avid runner I was excited about all the new data I was going to be able to collect on my runs! After using it for a little over a month now, I gotta say it is a great little watch, but I don’t get the warm fuzzies from it like I did my Pebble.

My watch no longer tells me “good morning sleepy head! you slept for x hours!” or “You just walked for X minutes, didn’t that feel great?” Gone are the days where my runs end with a cherry “Hey there lightning bolt!”, “Are you hot? Because you are on fire!”, “You keep moving and we’ll keep counting!”. I no longer get push notifications from snapchat, groupme, and other apps that I really want notifications for on my wrist. I don’t have a plethora of watch faces and custom apps to choose from.

Getting to the point of my overly dramatic post (but if you owned a Pebble you would TOTALLY understand). Activity trackers and smart watches are two completely different things from my experience. I love my Garmin for all the things I wish my Pebble had more of, but I miss my Pebble for all the things that my Garmin is lacking. Is there a device that truly does both and actually does both WELL? AND is a reasonable price? AND is actually waterproof and has a battery that lasts more than a day and is somewhat durable?

What does everyone else run with? What do you look for in your wearable technology?

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