Instrumental in Health Journey

My family has always been instrumental in my health journey.  Whether it is my family members who have been healthy or those with health issues, they have all played a part in my journey.  Those that have been healthy have always been an inspiration to stay healthy.  I have a lot of family with health issues and so many of those health issues or symptoms could be alleviated if those members lived a healthier lifestyle – exercise and/or eating better.  I don’t want to go down the route of being heavily medicated the rest of my life.

Also, I stay healthy for my kids.  I want them to create a healthy lifestyle while I create one for myself.  If they grow up with healthy habits, then they will be less likely to have health issues later in life.




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Katie Rowe Katie Rowe
Live in West Michigan with my husband, energetic daughter, and my son who seems to be a mama's boy. We love the area and all that the Grand Rapids area has to stand for. Plenty of activities, but still family friendly!

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