Katie Rowe
Katie Rowe I have lived in three states: Pennsylvania, Florida, and of course, Michigan. My husband and I settled back down in Grand Rapids after we went out to explore the world after college. We love the morals, values, and culture of western Michigan! We have two kids, Grace and Noah. They keep us busy, but we try to encourage and active and healthy lifestyle. We bring them along for workouts, have them pick activities to participate in, have us help cook, and try to be outside as much as possible. Instilling healthy habits now for a successful future!
Tell us a little about yourself.Live in West Michigan with my husband, energetic daughter, and my son who seems to be a mama's boy. We love the area and all that the Grand Rapids area has to stand for. Plenty of activities, but still family friendly!
What inspires you to reach your goals?My family inspires me to reach my goals. I want to be able to show my family that it is possible to dream, to have goals, and to obtain them. It is important to strive for things and to better ourselves while we work towards those goals. Plus, the confidence and happiness that comes with completing goals is a definite plus!!
How would you motivate someone who wants to start to improve their health?If someone wanted to start improving their health, I would find whatever I could to help motivate them. I would work out with them, help cook nutritional meals, or even share the struggles I have had with being healthy. Being healthy is not some new diet fad or wearing a size 0, but it is about a lifestyle change. I would let that person know that being healthy is a package – it is physical, emotional, and mental. I believe that without positive changes in one or all of these areas, one cannot be fully “healthy.”
What is your personal motto when it comes to being fit?Have fun and love yourself no matter what!
Tell us something you have learned about nutrition.I have learned that nutrition is really a lifestyle change and not a diet. I have learned that we can enjoy the food we love, but in moderation or finding substitutes. I love food, but I have learned that processed foods can be really harmful to our bodies in many ways. I started to transition processed foods for more natural foods for my husband and I and we both have come to enjoy healthy/nutritional foods over the taste of the processed stuff. I want my children to grow up enjoying fruits and vegetables over chips and pop. To do this, I have started shopping at local farmers markets, learning how to can, making my own bread, and even trying to dehydrate. It definitely has been quite the learning experience.
What sports or activities do you participate in?Mostly running. Some biking.
Why did you get involved with this activity? I accidentally fell into running as a sport/hobby. I grew up playing soccer and a friend called me one morning (the summer going into 9th grade) and asked if I wanted to run a 5K. I had no idea how long a 5K even was, but decided to go. I ended up doing pretty good for a first race and the high school cross country coach showed up the next day recruiting me for the cross country team and I said, “Why not?” The decision to run that 5K was a decision that changed the rest of my life and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love to run, even with all of the injuries I have endured over the years.

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