Tell us a little about yourself.I'm 43, from Kalamazoo, wife and mother of two kids (ages 9 and 7). I enjoy running and biking. Each year I try to at least run one half marathon in the spring and one in the fall. As a family we enjoy traveling, going to the beach, biking, playing with our puppy, and just being outside.

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Running a Full Marathon 18 years ago

Over the years I have had primarily just a handful of running partners, but one was definitely more instrumental in my health journey.  I think of Robin because together we tackled a pretty big goal – running a full marathon 18 years ago.  

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An Unexpected Friend

A couple of years ago I ran the Holland Haven half marathon in the fall without any running friends.  I was wearing a Gazelle Girl half marathon shirt and that’s all it took for a new friendship to begin.  

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Calling all Strava app users

Calling all Strava app users!  I’m looking for any Strava users that can give some feedback on this app.  

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Looking for fresh ideas for speed work

Every week my running friends and I do some type of speed work.  I’m looking for fresh ideas for speed work.  We have been alternating every week between short bursts of speed and longer intervals.  

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4th of July weekend–being off schedule

With 4th of July coming up I find myself looking for different exercise activities.  I’ll be away from home and off my normal schedule.  What do you all do for exercise when you are away from home?  

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Surprised myself on recent 10K performance

I have been a runner for years but honestly haven’t enjoyed races much.  I mainly choose to sign up for half marathons each spring and fall because I do want to challenge myself with those. That is until last weekend when I surprised myself on signing up for a local 10K.

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Who has just one favorite Cheat Meal?

Second quarter writing assignment is to focus on a favorite cheat meal.  Who has just one favorite cheat meal?  Not so sure I can narrow it down to one cheat meal!  

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Looking for Favorite Fall Half Marathons

Hi everyone, I’m looking for feedback on your favorite half marathons.  I’m debating which one or two to sign up for.  I am considering Park2Park in Holland, Detroit Women’s American Home Fitness, or Metro Health Grand Rapids.

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Running a half marathon every month

I ran a half marathon in Portage in February and met a woman from Indianapolis that set a goal to run a half marathon every month for an entire year.  

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Goal driven

Each year I come up with a running goal.  I started this a few years ago and have found having an annual goal keeps me focused and drives me to do more.  Last year I wanted to run more miles than the year before.

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