Tell us a little about yourself.26 years old, living in Grand Rapids, working full-time while finishing up my masters degree, getting married in June to the girl who encouraged me to be a runner!
What inspires you to reach your goals?Progress is such a motivating and inspiring factor for me. Whether this be my own progress or someone else's progress. Even though I have my bachelors in exercise science I couldn't have predicted that one day I would be a runner. I always aspired to be one but didn't put myself out of my comfort zone to try. As someone who's naturally shy, stepping out of my comfort zone can be pretty scary. Its in those scary moments though that I find myself not only gaining confidence but also taking one step closer to the goal I never thought I'd actually accomplish. Seeing myself progress to running three miles without stopping, to doing my first half marathon, and my first 25k, has been very exciting to look back and to see where I started. Sure running didn't come easy but I knew that with each step I took I was getting closer to where I wanted to be. I also find other people's fitness and wellness journeys inspiring. For example Casey Neistat's journey from shattering his leg and being told he'd never run again to competing in multiple Iron mans is my personal favorite. Casey is a filmmaker and youtuber and has a great movie telling his own running journey titled "Intensity". While not everyone has a story like Casey's, I find it most inspiring and motivating when I see people giving everything they have towards their goals. Not only because it helps me stay hungry to continually reach new goals but also helps keep me grounded in the fact that if someone else can get out there and do it so can I.
How would you motivate someone who wants to start to improve their health?The first thing I tell anyone who has a desire to improve his or her health, is that first and foremost their journey is unique to them. It's easy to compare yourself to others and quickly come to a false realization that you can't do something. I know that some view fitness as being cookie cutter, such as, you only have success if you do certain things, or follow a certain diet, or workout for at least a few hours a day. This couldn't be further from the truth. I view fitness as completely personal and customizable. What works for some people won't necessarily work for you and vice versa. The beauty of fitness and wellness is finding activities that you find most enjoyable and sometimes venturing out to try other activities you didn't think you would enjoy! Everyone's journey is going to be different. Living a healthier life isn't reserved for the most fit or the most intelligent. Finding success in your own journey to a healthy life is being willing to not only give yourself a chance but also being consistent to reach your goals. One of my favorite quotes that helps me stay motivated is one by Malcom Gladwell, "Success is a function of persistence and doggedness and the willingness to work hard for twenty-two minutes to make sense of something most people would give up after thirty seconds". Your journey towards a healthier life will not only be defined by you but also be uniquely you.
What is your personal motto when it comes to being fit?Trust the process
Tell us something you have learned about nutrition.Nuun is my best friend. You can never have enough nuun.
What sports or activities do you participate in?Primarily running and run camp. Whenever I can find time to get into the gym I love being able to do that too.
Why did you get involved with this activity?I've always had a passion for fitness and wellness but running was the one area I never thought I could excel in. I would run a mile here or there but I never really thought I could run further and enjoy it. It wasn't until I met my fiancé that I really started to get into running. She's a marathoner and has encouraged me from day one. That encouragement has not only helped me find my passion but also helped me reach new goals I didn't think were possible. Being an active member in Priority Health's run camp has also been a big reason why I'm involved in running. I love the community that's created with run camp and seeing people in all different fitness levels all working hard to accomplish their goals. Sure running can be great for you in regards to health but I love the challenge and seeing myself and others improve.

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Running with bear spray- Finding ways to build character

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Running with bear spray-“Runner” vs. Runner

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Running with bear spray- The Right Support System

The common thread between each member here is that we are here for the community. To support each other, motivate each other, and share our own personal stories. Whether that be stories of success, trying to find motivation or sometimes our failures.

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